Today we are talking to Akademiks Creative Director, Ross Fredman.  Ross has been key to totally reenergizing the Akademiks line.

What are 5 people, groups or things that get you excited about life?

Living downtown in Soho, NYC. I love the creative atmosphere and interesting people in my hood. I can’t walk down the street without finding constant inspiration.

I’m a music fanatic and mostly listen to Hip Hop, Grunge & Classic Rock. But these days I have been feeling the instrumental band “Explosions in the Sky”. The cathartic mini-symphonies really put me in the zone when I’m working on my collection.

When I watch Alexander McQueen’s Runway shows it pushes me to raise the bar every day. He was such a genius and created magic on another level! He obliderated the boundaries of fashion and somehow managed to make a mockery of it all at the same time.

I found this really cool, webisode  “Money and Violence”, that shoots in Brooklyn. It was incredible to watch the show develop from a side project amongst friends to an underground sensation. I’m hooked and can’t wait for the next season.

I get my daily visual culture feed from blogs like hypebeast.

What was your first job in fashion and how did you get it?

I was born into the fashion business  & at age 23 moved to  Hong Kong for 6 years. The best lesson I learned there was that anything is possible. If you want to get something done it is achievable. My co workers gave me the nickname “The Prince of Sham Shui Po” because  I was always in the fabric and trim markets searching for new ideas.

What is the most exciting thing about being the Creative Director for Akademiks?

I would have to say the teamwork and interaction with the people at Oved Apparel. The whole process of taking an embryo of an idea and developing it all the way to our customer is an amazing journey. There are so many talented people here and at our factories overseas that it makes the process a lot of fun.

Are there any hot trends that you see coming for streetwear for Fall 2015?

Product is starting to get more “Dressed Up”.  I am seeing a lot of new knit textures and plush fabrics making an impact for Fall 2015. Layers and long line product are continuing to build momentum.

What do you like to do to chill after a long week at work?

Over the weekend you can always find me with my biggest inspiration “Kim Tre’ From Around The Way”, but I wouldn’t call that chillin’, she drives me CRAZY!

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